About our programs

Sharing our love of honeybees, one group at a time!

Our education background allows us to modify our presentation to fit any age group as we share our love of honeybees and their complicated life going on inside the hive!

 Our goal is for our audience to learn about the beautiful and necessary honeybee. We want you to leave in awe of their organization and with a better respect for the honeybee. Save the Bees is more than a catchy phrase.

Typically, our programs are about 45 minutes in length. We will bring our beekeeping equipment, an actual empty bee hive, and an observation hive with bees that everyone can see up close. If possible, we will bring honey to sample and a computer presentation to share information and close up photographs of bees.

Pricing -- Call for an introductory special!-- Pricing after September 1, 2019 $200 within a 50 mile radius of Athens, TX   Add $25 for additional miles up to 150. Call for distances farther than 200 miles from Athens. Negotiations can be made for non-profits and other groups. We are willing to work with you to find a program that will allow us to share the love of bees and meet your budget constraints.


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