Diamond G Honey


Family Hobby

Beekeeping for us is a family hobby. We enjoy keeping bees and helping the bee population! Both of our daughters have their own beekeeper suits and help out in our apiary. They are 14 and 8 yrs old. We are excited about our future endeavors as a family.  This is a hobby we can all appreciate and enjoy!



Why no honey in the first year? Bees have to use all their resources to draw out honeycomb on the frames in the hive to store the honey. The first year, they have to take time to make the comb. The honey they are able to store, they will need for the winter. Next year, we should have honey as they won't have to build out the comb.


Saving Bees

As beekeepers, we also provide bee extraction when possible. We will remove hives from trees, houses, and other areas and relocate them to a place where they won't bother humans. We want to keep the bees from getting killed by extermination. It is hot and messy work that is time consuming. We can give you a quote if you will give us a call!